Axoloti Control

Axoloti Control allows you to navigate through patches and adjust parameters away from the computer, without having to assign parameters to MIDI controllers.

It has a graphical monochrome LCD, navigation buttons, 4 endless encoders and 4-by-4 pushbuttons with LEDs.

It’s designed to enable interactions like controlling a 16-step sequencer, or as a 4-track arrangement controller, or adjusting 4 different values of one selected object like an ADSR envelope.

axoloti control


  • 128×64 pixel monochrome backlit LCD
  • dimmeable LCD backlight
  • navigation buttons (up, down, left, right, enter, back)
  • value adjust endless rotary encoder
  • 4 “channel strips” with each
    • 1 endless rotary encoder
    • 3 status LED’s (green, yellow, red)
    • 4 pushbuttons with a LED
  • STM32F1 microcontroller
  • board dimensions: 160×100 mm